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Our driving safety course is developed for those who have to operate armored vehicles under demanding circumstances in unsafe or openly hostile environments. Participants receive an intensive training for the safe operation of different kinds of vehicles. Theoretical aspects such as driving dynamics, vehicle inspection and route-planning are covered in interactive classroom lectures. In various practical training exercises course participants get the opportunity to develop their skills of handling both standard 4WD as well as VR7- (formerly B6) and VR9- (formerly B7) armored vehicles safely under different circumstances.
Our fleet of training vehicles:
  • Toyota Landcruiser LC200 - VR7 (formerly B6) armored, 4WD.
  • Toyota Landcruiser LC200 - VR9 (formerly B7) armored, 4WD.
  • Mercedes G 63 AMG, VR7 armored, 4WD
  • Land Rover Discovery (4WD)
  • Mercedes Unimog (heavy off-road vehicle)
  • Audi Q7 (SUV)

Note that you can bring your own vehicle(s).



(Note that courses are tailored to clients' specific needs and requirements and may therefore differ in length)

  • Driving dynamics & physics
  • Preparatory measures before departure
  • Tour planning and preparation
  • Vehicle safety inspection
  • Risk awareness: Mine awareness, detection of landmines, roadside explosive devices / IEDs, Perception of the external circumstances on / at the street
  • Preventive and security measures for high-crime countries and regions
  • Mastering critical situations
    • Checkpoints, accidents, robbery, breakdowns, carjacking or attacks
    • Firefighting of a burning vehicle
    • Tire change on unstable surface
    • Recovery of stuck vehicles
  • Driving skills
    • Tactical driving and manoeuvres for extreme situations
    • Driver communication: Introduction to NATO language
    • Driving in the convoy
    • Slalom
    • Braking manoeuvres: Emergency braking, target braking
    • Swerving techniques
    • Parking
    • Reversing with mirrors
    • Emergency driver-swap
    • Fast turning
    • Driving with safety vest
  • Vehicle handling in challenging terrains (steep, muddy, as well as in dry and sandy terrain)
  • Tactical driving in urban environment
    • Driving in a convoy within cities (e.g. distance between cars, speed control, communication within a convoy)
    • Dealing with unplanned stops (e.g. traffic jam, red lights)
    • Distances of the vehicles in a convoy and speeds
    • Control of the vehicle in extreme situations (e.g. pursuits)
  • Introduction to handling of armored vehicles
    • Theoretical instruction in the driving dynamics and driving physics of armored vehicles


  • Driving license class C1 or B
  • Physical fitness
  • Clothing and equipment
    • Writing utensils
    • Sunglasses
    • Outdoor clothing for all weather conditions
    • Sturdy footwear


  • Duration: 2 - 6 days (depending on client's specific needs)
  • Location: TACFIS training center Waldmünchen
  • Number of participants: 2 - 6
  • Price upon request

Special Driver Training Course