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Keywan Christian Kretschmer

The TACFIS Security Academy is prividing security trainings for over 17 years to governmental institutions, international organizations, non-governmental organizations as well as the private sector and is today one of the most renowned security training institutes in Europe.

Mr. Keywan Christian Kretschmer is the managing director of TACFIS GmbH. In 2011, Mr. Kretschmer took over and did restructure the TACFIS GmbH. His many years of experience, which he gained in a variety of humanitarian operations around the world, are incorporated into the ongoing expansion and perfection of the training program of TACFIS GmbH.

Already during his apprenticeship, Mr. Kretschmer completed his first medical course, did volunteer various services in the medical sector and after his years with the German Armed Forces, he got trained as a paramedic to be able to help those who are in need.

After the recognition of the government of Upper Bavaria as a paramedic, he completed further training courses, such for example, the crisis intervention assistant and the emergency response assistant.

With his company Medicall Flight Ambulance GmbH he was responsible for the smooth running of countless ambulance flights worldwide, but especially in the Middle East as well as in crisis and war zones.

Mr. Kretschmer was part of the board of the KED e.V. crisis intervention team of the private rescue services in Munich. He was in charge with the organization of the operation of the paramedics of the medical disaster team, which was called for help after the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. He also provided further humanitarian aid in Haiti after that earthquake assistance.

Since 2011, Mr. Kretschmer has been using his experience of the last decades to train security forces in the training academy for security TACFIS GmbH in Waldmünchen, diplomats of the Federal Foreign Office, OSCE observers on the Russian-Ukrainian border to supervise the peace treaty of Minsk as well as employees of the most diverse Help organizations (NGOs) to prepare them for deployment in crisis or war zones.

All his life Mr. Kretschmer was there for the people. To help them in their need to save and sustain their lives, to protect them, and to give them justice.