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Intended for all those who want to build skills in handling medical emergencies under challenging or outright hazardous conditions.

In this course participants learn to identify and assess different kinds of acute illnesses or injuries and to effectively respond to medical emergencies. The course covers important basics about anatomy and physiology, an introduction to different types of medical emergencies, field care organization and tactics as well as developing of practical skills such as wound care and CPR.

The objective is for course participants to acquire the knowledge and practical skills needed to react both calmly and effectively when confronted with a medical emergency. This includes providing basic care to the patient as well as assisting medical personnel such as paramedics or doctors providing advanced life support.
The course consists of both interactive classroom lectures as well as practical exercises and highly realistic scenario drills.


  • Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)
    • Basics
      • Consciousness
      • Breathing
      • Circulation
    • Trauma
    • Other medical emergencies (e.g. stroke, cardiac, shock, heat exhaustion)
    • Special emergencies (e.g. due to armed conflict, special climate)
  • Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Introduction to
  • Detecting and treating injuries
    • Stab wounds
    • Gunshot wounds (introduction to wound ballistics)
    • Blast injuries
    • Burns
    • Cervical spine trauma
    • Chest trauma
      • Thoracic drainage
    • Abdominal trauma
    • Extremities
  • Anatomy of chest and abdomen
  • Airway management (Removing of foreign objects, ways of securing an airway)
  • Trauma wound care
  • Applying a tourniquet
  • Applying OLAES modular bandages
  • Administering fluids
    • Intravenous (IV) access
    • Intraosseous (IO) access
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)
    • Care Under Fire
    • Tactical Field Care
    • Tactical Evacuation Care
  • Legal basics
  • Practical exercises (Scenario training / drill)


  • Physical fitness
  • Basic first aid skills
  • Age: 18


  • Course length:  5 days
  • Location: TACFIS training centre Waldmünchen or on-site at client's location.
  • Number of participants: 8 - 16
  • Price upon request