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Whether you are a representative of a governmental agency, member of a non-governmental organization, or private sector expat: Our HEAT course provides the most comprehensive and realistic learning and training experience to all those preparing for deployments in high-risk countries or regions.

Course participants will benefit greatly by building risk awareness and developing capabilities to identify and avoid threats, deal with critical and emergency situations and safely escape from dangerous areas. The course combines interactive lectures with practical exercises and highly realistic scenario drills. The course appeared to regular high standard training, which is highly popular among members of government agencies, NGOs, relief organizations and German corporations.

The course's curriculum is aligned to the UN's requirements and specifications developed to ensure the safety of emergency personnel deployed abroad.


  • Mission planning and preparation
    • Socio-cultural aspects and particularities
  • Risk awareness, self-protection, and crime survival
  • Safety equipment
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Creating routes and alternate routes
  • Checkpoints
  • Orientation in terrain (incl. practical exercise)
  • Personal care, disease prevention, and first aid
  • Travel and safety instructions
  • Weapons and munitions
    • Types and effects of different weapons and munitions
    • Developing mine awareness
  • Carjacking
  • Hostage situations
    • Protection against hostage-taking
    • Behaviour in hostage situations
    • Procedure when colleagues are being taken hostage (extortion)
  • Incl. practical hostage situation scenario
  • Stress and stress coping mechanisms
  • Off-road driving training

  • Camp security
    • Camp organization
    • Development of evacuation plans
  • Reality-based self-defence
  • Medical training: Basic life support (including a practical exercises)
  • Optional
    • Armored vehicles driving training
    • Firearms training (shooting range)


  • Age: 18


  • Duration: 4 - 5 days (depending on client's specific needs)
  • Location: TACFIS Training Centre Waldmünchen
  • Number of participants: 10 - 16
  • Price upon request